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NIH Pain Consortium

NIH Pain Education Modules

Edna: An Older Adult with Chronic Low Back Pain
Beverly: Burning Mouth Syndrome and Related Orofacial Pain
Pam: Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome
Owen: Opioid Overdose Risk and Naloxone
Peter James: A Veteran with Phantom Limb Pain
Morgan: Adolescent Headache Case
Ava: Anterior Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy
Mr. Frank: Pain Assessment in Cognitively Impaired Older Adults
Eric: Acute Pain Management in Patients with Opioid Use Disorder
Mr. Jones, Mrs. Hubbard, and Mrs. Miller: Opioid Management for Acute Pain in Hospitalized Adults
Margaret Andersen: An Older Adult with Limited Communication 
Betty Miller: Older Female with Right Shoulder Pain
Donald Williams: Older Adult Right Total Knee Arthoroplasty
Joelle and Edward: Pain and Opioid Prescribing Risks 

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